About Us

FINDFRED® is the revolutionary new way for gay men to find their match (18 and over please).

In 2001, FINDFRED® founders Raj and Travis had a "marriage" ceremony in Ohio, even though there is no legal standing in Ohio or the US for gay marriages. They asked that all gifts be a donation to HRC so that one day gay marriage and equal rights would be available for all humans. This was back when the term "civil unions" was emerging and "gay marriage" was a futuristic dream.

Gay marriage is now a reality in many states and in time it will be a federal right. FINDFRED® is leading the way on the relationship front with innovative patent pending Match techniques based on psychology and practicality. FINDFRED® has the best dating profiles in the world (a sentiment echoed by many members). What you put in is what you get out, so we are more than just one picture and a distance away from someone.

The FINDFRED® team (over 100 strong) has a history of being active in the GLBT community, having donated over $1.5 million dollars in the past 20+ years for gay rights, political candidates that are pro-GLBT and gay causes such as the fight against AIDS. You have a choice in where you take your business, so make your money work for you by choosing us.

FINDFRED® has committed 10% of all profits to be donated back into the GLBT community. Please review our Charity page for more information.

FINDFRED® offers an innovative patent pending match feature that is both simple and realistic. Additionally, members can chat, e-mail, browse and search other members. Gay dating has never been this much fun.

FINDFRED® is receiving member and industry accolades for its ground breaking Visual Profile.

FINDFRED® is focused on ease of use for its members and forward-thinking design. With continual software upgrades planned, FINDFRED® is an evolving software platform and web site.

If you want change in how gays are perceived socially, then you have to be that change. Get rid of your hookup site memberships if you want to take dating seriously. You can't expect someone to want to go on a date with you when you have profiles looking for random encounters all over the web. You don't need hundreds of random encounters to find your match. You need one good match. How long it takes to find your match depends on how much you focus on it and invest in creating quality dates.

Basic membership is FREE. You can access all areas and request match scores as a BASIC member.


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